Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update

The pile of parts on my shelf is starting to resemble a scooter.

This weekend went off to a slow start, but, among other things, progress was made on the scooter.

Dimensions for the rear caddy platform and fork were finalized through the magic of Draftsight (solidworks for noobs).

Totally legit.
As you can see, I've been very thorough.

All that's left in terms of parts is getting the fork and rear platform sent out for water jetting. The only concern I have is the motor mount, which, considering I don't have any reference material, has been left out of this sketch. Not a problem as some creative milling can probably fix any clearance issues.

Trolling will be courtesy of a jasontroller, which will eventually be abused  modded for the purposes of increasing output wattage via decreased shunt resistance.

An in-depth how-to can be found here:

Power, originally coming from some derpy li-polys off of hobbyking, will be replaced by some A123 LiFePO4 cells that I'll have to weld together and arrange log style. I should be able to barely fit in a 10S2P pack (~36V and 5Ah).

Hub machining was a great success; I managed to mill down the ends of the rear hub to accommodate for the 4" aluminum u-channel.


To be continued.

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