Monday, August 19, 2013

Derpy photo shoot

Now that DOHLAC (Derpy/-oneTesla/Hot Long/Ass Coil) lives at home, I finally decided to take pictures.
Bad lighting is bad >__<.

Half bridge of 60N65s kept well within spec to avoid damn-I-blew-the-bridge-again syndrome (up to 75% duty cycle at 340VDC)

Gate drive provided by a pair of UCCs and feedback courtesy of question-mark antenna.


2.5" x 10" PVC, 32AWG wire

fRES @ 316kHz

I can probably push the coil to give more spark, but due to my unwillingness to replace the bridge, it'll be kept at a lofty 7.5". 

Long pulse widths for fire-y streamer goodness.
Longest spark on this run from a nice straight streamer. Top-mounted breakout point seems to distribute the E-field in a nice symmetric way that promotes longer sparks. 
Special thanks to Bayley and Kramnik for helping me troubleshoot this thing at one point or another.

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