Maker Faire Detroit!

My first Maker Faire, and in the Motor City, no less.

July 26th marked the first day of Maker Faire Detroit and all of its insanity: lots of fire, homemade jet engines, (one)Tesla coils, giant dragon-sculpture-things, and of course, the wonderful community of makers to name a few.

I was there on oneTesla business, showing off demo coils and whatnot, but for me at least, the excitement lie in the other exhibitions.

(side note: oneTesla won editor's choice!)
The oneTesla team.
 I also happened across Paul Kidwell from the Geekgroup: their youtube series on SGTCs is part of the reason I'm coiling today, and as you can imagine, I was screaming like a soldier at a KPOP concert.
My expression does not do justice to the fangirl trapped inside omgomgomgomgogmomg
Enough words. Photodump!